“Be sincere, focused, and hungry.”

Associate Team Director Pan Zong Yi Aaron has his sights on growing his team with talented and dedicated Real Estate Salespersons who are sincere, focused, and hungry.

Having spent close to 10 years in the real estate industry, Aaron has learnt the skills of real estate sales, and has amassed a vast amount of knowledge in residential and commercial properties. He wants to train Salespersons who want to learn the same set of skills and knowledge, especially those who have their eye on serving their clients well, and then becoming investors themselves.

Before becoming a force to be reckoned with the real estate industry, Aaron was first a member of the Singapore Armed Forces, signing on for a period of 7 years, and later a sales designer and interior designer in his own firm.

With such a background, Aaron knows what it is like to execute well-thought out plans with precision and efficiency. He applies it to real estate when he draws out property analyses for his clients and sales associates, and brings them though the buying, selling or renting transaction. Each real estate move is part of a strategy that has been laid out to fit the client or associate’s needs, ideals, and objectives.

Applying the same thought process and strategy in coming to real estate in 2007, Aaron first spent 2 years observing the industry from the inside out. Having seen a relative making it in the industry a year ago, and joining a Salesperson who was a client of his interior design firm, Aaron listened and learned more than dabbling his hands in transactions he barely knew how to fulfil.

Apart from exploring sales, property types and regions, Aaron was just as meticulous in analysing the company and team that he joined. Not one to let slack, Aaron made decisive moves to keep improving his team and company, and chose to join the Powerful Negotiators in PropNex as it is the place that brings expert skills, comprehensive knowledge, and a supportive environment together.

Moving first in the HDB market, Aaron has increased his scope and reach to handle residential and commercial property transactions.

“I go where the market is,” Aaron says, “If I am only knowledgeable about a certain region, then the owners might as well sell the properties themselves, because they know the region and there’s no value-add.”

For Aaron’s team of Salespersons, his knowledge of multiple property types and regions means that they have a mentor who knows exactly what they are asking and talking about. Aaron’s experience also allows them to serve their client beyond expectations, and the entire group succeeds altogether.

But Aaron does not take the credit for his group’s success. His pitch to Salespersons to join the team is the team itself.

“It’s not about me, it’s about us,” he emphasises, “If it was only me, it’s hard. Working together in a team, leveraging on the whole team, and sharing, that’s how you make things work.”

Aaron’s part, then, is to ensure that his team of Salespersons get the best training and support that they need. He notes that with so many changes to the property market, many Salespersons may have had their sales affected; they may be lost, and many do not know how to advise their clients properly. Lacking the right knowledge and support, these Salespersons may end up dropping out of the industry entirely.

“When a Salesperson comes to me, I ask them, ‘What do you need?’, ‘What do you really want?’, and then I can give them the solutions,” he says.

Looking not just to recruit Real Estate Salespersons, Aaron’s greater plan is to train, manage, and eventually partner them in property investments as well, turning the average Salesperson into an investor, and consultant to other investors instead.

“We are a dynamic team, we have a training system, and we have a sharing culture. The leverage means that the advice you receive is better, and that’s how we add value, regardless of your level of experience.”

His advice to share?

“Treat your clients and your team-mates as your own family and friends, and they will know whether you are sincere in guiding them and delivering them to their goals. With that in mind, stay focused, and stay hungry.”
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